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Vegas Strip Blackjack

Vegas Strip Blackjack, an amazing variation and modification of the regular game of Blackjack is a fun game that has gained much popularity now. Some of the rules of the game are as follows:

  • The game starts with 4 decks, and the dealer must choose a soft 17.
  • You are allowed to double on the initial two cards that are dealt, and even after you have made a split, you have the right the double again.
  • You are also given the chance and the right to re-split for three hands. The dealer if only allowed by rule to have a peek at the blackjack card.

The basic strategy is displayed briefly by the following table. Remember the following is the key, so that you can know what the letters in the following table stand for:

H stands for a HIt

S means Stand

D means Double

Ds stands that you should Double up if you are allowed, or else you should stand.

P means Split.

The house edge for this variation of the Blackjack is about 0.3606%.