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A and JBlackjack is a popular card gambling game, which is widely known and played all over the world. You will hardly find a person, who has never heard about this game, especially after success of movie 21 by Robert Lucetic, which appeared on the screens in 2008. Each person who watched it has got acquainted with the most popular team of blackjack players MIT. They worked together in order to beat casino dealers and win lots of money. If you want to get such success as they did, you should be ready to learn blackjack proficiently! The most important thing concerning blackjack is that the possibilities of winning depend mainly on roulette77 players' skills and knowledge; luck is not so important. You may be sure, that if you work hard, you win! If we compare blackjack with slot machines, we may see that no matter how much information you know about slots the result of the spin always depends on something, which is not connected with skills. Players tend to believe that that is luck. But we are sure, that it is better to control your game if you have such possibility. In blackjack game you can easily do that! How can you influence the results of blackjack game round? By your decisions, of course! In most games you have to make a decision making your bet only, but in blackjack, you should also do that during the whole round. That is necessary in order to ensure the correct game running. After first hand is dealt by dealer, you have to decide whether you need one more card or no. if you are sure, that you won’t bust (take a score over 21), you have to hit. But if you see, that taking one more card may cause your loss you have to stand. There is one way which will help you to make decisions correctly and with more benefits – basic blackjack strategy. If you do not want to learn it, you can just print blackjack chart and use it while you are gambling! But make sure, that you understand how to count value of your hand! And probably the main thing, which you should always keep in mind when you play using charts is the rule on dealer’s actions when he has 17 points. That is very important, as these charts are different and they differ not only according to the variation, where they may be used, by also according to this very rule.

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Blackjack rules and basic strategy are those two main points for you to learn and remember if you plan to become a professional blackjack player: nobody can be successful at blackjack if s/he does not use basic strategy for gambling. This strategy is a set of mathematically proved advice concerning the options to choose when you have a definite card combination: basic strategy for soft hands, hard hands and splitting pairs exist; so, you have to distinguish them.



Do not miss the British variation of blackjack which is called to be Pontoon: the rules do not differ much but it is played with a deck of 48 cards (10s are absent) and some additional options are present to choose for every gambler.

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Blackjack Switch

The Blackjack Switch variation is liked by many gamblers because it gives more chances to win thanks to the fact you can play with two blackjack hands here; moreover, you are strongly recommended to switch cards.