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Almost every online casino these days has the Pontoon Blackjack for you to play and enjoy: a game which has been gaining increasing popularity over time. Resembling the game of blackjack in many aspects and ways, the Pontoon Blackjack has its roots in Britain. However, before you attempt to play Pontoon Blackjack, you must be aware of certain differences when it comes to the rules of this game.

Being a game of eight decks, Pontoon Blackjack actually lets you play with a great number of cards, and you might end up getting strange hands at a lot of times while playing this game. The point where the simple Blackjack and the Pontoon Blackjack differ is that cards, both of them, are dealt face down. So when you see that there is no one card face up, then you must know that it is a different kind, or the Pontoon Blackjack that you are playing. The following are some other important and fundamental differences in the rules, which you must know before you sit down to play Pontoon Blackjack.

Terms of the Game which you should know!

A twist essentially stands for a "hit", and when you hear the term "stick" or "stand", they mean the same. So "Pontoon" and "Blackjack" are interchangeably used, and buying means Double Down, where you can also twist after doubling down, which is something that you are not allowed to do in the regular Blackjack.

Pontoon Blackjack: Some basic rules

  • Even if the cards that you have are not the same, you can split them with a value of 10. Upon getting lucky and hitting a pontoon after you have split aces, instead of being paid one is to one, you get paid twice; which is 2:1.
  • In case you end up with a tie with the dealer; remember that the dealer has advantage over you-so he wins. Also, you are allowed to take only one card while you are doing the act of splitting up the aces, and you are required to do this for each hand and then stick.
  • The dealer usually twists on soft 17s, In addition to this, you are only allowed to buy one time for one hand.
  • If you have decided to give up, you can do so only while th dealer is revealing either a face card or an ace.

Once everybody is done with his or her hand, it is only then the dealer plays. He would often want to know whether you have a pontoon. A strategy for card counting could sometimes work out well.