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Blackjack Switch

At places like Grand Virtual, DGS casinos, and Playtech, Blackjack Switch is played, and is offered as a different modified version of the regular game of Blackjack. Many people believe that Blackjack switch is much more exciting than regular Blackjack, and this game has been increasingly gaining popularity. The strategy of Blackjack switch, as compared to regular Blackjack, is more intricate as a result of switch decisions.

Basic Rules and How to Play

The player can chose one of the top cards amongst the two hands, after two cards have been dealt to each player in the beginning. Generally, you can keep the eleven and the blackjack, or go for a soft 18 or 14 and then exchange the top cards. However, you must remember that the dealer is typically at advantage due to some following reasons and methodic:

  • A dealer 22 is regarded and taken just like a push (where only the player blackjack is excused), and the difference lies in the fact that it is not a bust.

The dealer always goes for a soft 17, and the ratio for the Blackjack is one is to one.

House Edge and bet sizes

There is a 0.16 per cent chance of the house edge, only if your game is strategized, and the number of decks is six. At Grand Virtual, on the other hand, 0.18% is the figure with 8 decks.

A complex standard deviation is involved in the game of blackjack switch, and the standard deviation is 1.06 when you are playing single hands and getting one is to one payout; and this is for a single hand. The standard deviation, in addition to this, is also altered because of two of two relevant factors:

  • If you're making a double or split hand, and if that is your strategy, the EV is usually is higher; that is why these splits and doubles are preferred and altered favorably by switch decisions. There is an about 40% increase in the chance of doubled bets as a consequence of switch decisions. This is also followed by to a hike in the standard deviation to 1.10 and the bet size which becomes 1.12.
  • Switch decisions have their own pros and cons. If they are good for a hand, they might turn out to negatively impact other hands. The correlation is roughly about 0.365.

So the standard deviation for a round becomes around 1.25, and the regular blackjack (involving two hands) has the same figure up to 1.33.