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Spanish 21

Spanish 21 Blackjack resembles strongly the normal Blackjack that you might be familiar with. Apart from some differences from the regular blackjack that will be mentioned, the player has pretty much the same role in Spanish 21. Functions like hit, bust, stand and split still apply and are fundamental in Spanish 21.

Here are the differences that you would need to know before you play Spanish 21:

  • Soft 17 is unavoidable for the dealer. He must go for it! The player has more advantage than the dealer; if the player has a blackjack, then he is paid at that very moment and wins over the dealer blackjack.
  • Blackjack when played by the normal rules pays 1.5 is to one, but in Spanish 21, the ratio is 3:2.
  • The surrendering option is always there; and the player is entitled to the right to surrender before busting. Splitting or double, or even re-splitting is the choice that the player has to make.
  • For the paying of the five cards 21, the six card 21 and the seven card 21; the numbers are the following respectively: 3:2, 2:1, and 3:1.
  • Remember the deck doesn't have any 10s.

This variation of the regular Blackjack can sometimes be utterly exciting and thrilling; a bit twisting of the rules of the game can create an altogether different environment. You can explore more about Best Online Casinos for Spanish 21, and win bonuses. The section of Blackjack Rules can be helpful too.