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The different games of blackjack

A and Q

There are a couple ways to play blackjack games at, to set you on the right track of playing the right game properly, make sure to read it to the possible variants of the game:

Blackjack game variants

  • Pontoon - One of the foundations of Blackjack games is considered to be Pontoon. Pontoon Blackjack is considered to be a hand of two cards, that have a total of 21 points, the combination has a paying ratio of 2:1 when other hands have a ratio of 1:1. In a situation when the results of the dealer and the player are the same, the dealer takes the win.
  • Blackjack Switch - in this game the players have a chance to double their luck, by playing with two hands simultaneously. The gamblers also have a chance to switch the top two cards of the hand that their dealt.
  • Crazy Eights Black Jack - in this game each player receives a hand of 4 cards. The deck is stationed on the table with a top card facing upwards. The idea of the game is to discard the cards dealt by pairing each card according to the number or suit with the cards facing up on the table. This game is completely unassociated with blackjack but still carries the name.
  • Double Attack Blackjack - in this variant of the game with the removal of 10s, 6 decks of cards are used. Players place a bet upon the dealers 3 card bust. This game has the obvious advantage because of the winning rations involved. A dealer that is holding a 6 while drawing another one, rewards 15:1, when a dealer is holding an 8 when drawing another one, rewards 50:1. The winning ratio in the game can be as high as 200:1.
  • Spanish 21 - with 48 (with the 10s removed) cards in each deck this game uses from 6 to 8 decks. There are great reward ratios with various measures of betting outcomes. If there are Blackjacks in the dealers hand the then the player takes the win. Also need to remember that late surrendering, re-splitting of Aces doubling and redoubling is okay.