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Super Fun 21

A modified version of the regular game of Blackjack, Super Fun 21 Blackjack can be a superb game to play, owing to its twists and thrilling variations along with the rules that come with it. Online players can sit for a great deal of time and enjoy this game. These variations make the game much more fun because there are chances and situations where you can just win twice your money when there are hands that are 21 in total. The range for the house edge is 1.16 % to 1.40%.

Rules and Variations:

1. Super Fun 21 is played with 52 card decks. It is one of the increasingly popular American card game.

2. Initially, after being deal two face-up cards, the player is required to make his bet, and then the a hole card along with another card (face up) is dealt to the dealer.

3. Only if the up card which has been dealt to the dealer is either an ace or a ten is the dealer allowed to look at the card. A soft 17 is the only option the dealer has.

4. The variations allow a player to split up; thrice or even do it again for four hands, and there is also an option of doubling down consequently.

5. You can simply give up your initial bet if you have the feeling that the game is just not going good for you. Regardless of whether you have previously made a hit or split, or even doubled down, you can surrender by making a 'surrender bet'.

6. Splitting can also happen with non-identical cards with a value of 10, and you can repeatedly split the aces.

7. Different from what happens in regular blackjack, you are allowed a hand of even six cards and higher in Super Fun 21 Blackjack. The player wins even if the blackjack is with the dealer. In cases where the player has already made a double down, this does not hold then.

8. You are paid two is to one if you have 5 cards in your hand, or total is 21.

9. The ratio is same (2:1) for a suit do diamonds.

10. You get even money in Super 21 for non-diamond, as opposed to the three-is-to-two ratio in regular Blackjack. This boosts the house edge actually.

11. The player is at a higher advantage: the blackjack of the player is preferred; so he wins over the dealer's blackjack.

These variations make the game of blackjack much exhilarating, and have become a favorite of many people, over the traditional game of Blackjack.