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Basic Strategy

The casino has an advantage over the player in most of the games; including the game of Blackjack. Statisticians have come up with a strategy of playing Blackjack which tries to counter act on this advantage, and make the game more profitable for the player. This is now called as the Blackjack Basic strategy, which is a result of millions of hand simulations which were done using computers, and blackjack basic strategy includes the rule that the player makes the choice: a split or a double down-where he earns three-is-to-two. On the other hand, the dealer takes a stand on 17, or more, and the deal is 1:1 for him. Also, the dealer is not allowed to split or double down.

Well, it is true that if the car is either one of these-3,4,5, or 6, then there is a chance that the dealer gets busted, and this chance is about 35%. The chance of the dealer busting is even much better if there is a total between the ranges of 13 to 16 in your hand. Otherwise if the dealer has the other numbers, namely 7 to 10, or an ace, then it is recommended that you go for the next card, because there is a high chance you get beat by the dealer's face down cards. !

Basic Blackjack Strategy-tips and rules:

Variables that affect the advantage of the casino over you are important and must be taken into consideration: Here are some of them:

  • The amount of cards; how many decks are being used.
  • Whether dealer goes for a soft 17 or not!
  • The number of times you go for splits.
  • Whether you are allowed to double on certain cards or not, and also whether doubling is allowed after you have split hands.
  • The surrender bet; whether you have the right to it or not.

Remember it is neither pure luck nor pure skill; a blend of both; if you have to make a mark in Blackjack.

General Tips for Blackjack:

You should go for a 17, and it is also favorable that if the dealer is revealing 7 or more, then you go for hitting on 12 to 16.

Blackjack Doubling Down and Soft Hands Strategy:

  • Doubling down on 10 and doubling down on 9, when the dealer has correspondingly a 9 and a 6 (respectively) is also advised.
  • For the soft hands case, it is advised that you double down if it is a 4-6 that the dealer is showing.