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Strategy Charts

We offer you a very warm welcome to our website on the extremely popular Blackjack Basic strategy. The precise strategy varies depending upon the casino and the table. However, you can explore this site to know everything about these variations and which strategies are suitable for Blackjack games. We cover all the BJ games.

One Strategy in the beginning: Going Step by Step.

If you have just entered in to the realm of Blackjack, we suggest you begin by learning one strategy initially. It's better to go slow and gradual; and for a beginner, learning many strategies at once can be hard and would not be fruitful. So the one strategy you learn you must implement it wherever you get the chance. Do it perfectly and try to avoid mistakes.

You can use the chart given below and start off well! Check out single deck card if you play with a single deck usually.

Remember you are advised against purchasing an insurance.