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Blackjack has been one of the most popularly played games ever, and that too, globally. Be it with family members or friends, you can find many people playing Blackjack in the night, and having a great time.

Online blackjack also has become increasingly popular. You would know the true spirit of the game and the success it has achieved if you explore places like Morocco. Blackjack has not only been an inspiration for the origin of many games like baccarat, but is one of those card games where only luck does not have the primary role-you need skill too ! So how did this game of Blackjack develop over the years and become what it is now today?

The French or the Spanish-the creators of Blackjack

France has been the hub of culture since times immemorial, and it does not testimony to justify its status as one of the cultural centers of the world. Blackjack's origin has been attributed to the French too. Amongst other games including Blackjack, there were games like vingt-et-un and twenty-and-one being played too. A century followed, and twenty-and-one came into the US, after it originated in 1700 AD in France. "Blackjack"-the word also emerged from a part of twenty-and-one game; it meant the payout which was awarded after a Jack and an ace of Spade was handed.

In Don Quixote, a reference has been made to the game of blackjack by Miguel de Cervantes, a renowned Spanish author and gambler. This is one of the evidences; which has been interpreted that blackjack could have emerged from Spain or France.